Shelly Fredenberg - Slow Sway


The sculptural vessel was hand-built by ceramicist Shelly Fredenberg of Eugene, Ore.

From the artist: "This piece was formed with one single ball of clay. I challenge myself to work in a way that uses the entire piece of clay without adding additional clay. In the ceramic world, this would be considered a ‘pinch-pot’. This piece was formed by opening the center of the ball of clay, moving clay into ridges around the crude bowl form, forming the petals from the clay reserved for the ridges. I pinch and coax the clay ridges and petals thinner and thinner; working gracefully against gravity. The texture around the body of the piece is evidence of my fingers sliding and pulling the ridges into existence. Sand collected from Whychus Creek in Sisters Oregon was pressed into the petals of the wet clay. Combining with the glaze, the melting of the minerals adds texture and shine. Many layers of oxides and glazes were applied to create the densely patinaed finish. Gold lustre accents push this piece into a new realm of possibility." 

Dimensions: H 7" x W 8.5" (Measurements are approximate and taken at widest points.)