Shelly Fredenberg - Flutter Form with Wild Clay


This sculptural vessel was made by Shelly Fredenberg of Portland, Ore. 

From the artist: "Often I make one of a kind work within a theme. These pieces are from my ongoing study of 'Flutter Forms:' pinch pots with swirling flutes and ridges fluttering around the vessel body. This piece was made from a stoneware clay body that I added 50% wild clay that I harvested from a roadside embankment in Eugene, Oregon. I have been experimenting with including unrefined local clays into my tried and true commercial clay bodies. The result in this piece is that the impure wild clay, high in organic matter, in combination with the textured glaze adds to the overall raw wildness of the piece. The smooth glazed interior is a respite for the eye. 

Dimensions: H 4.75" x W 7" (Measurements are approximate and taken at widest points.)