Shelly Fredenberg - Reconstruction of What Remains


This structural vessel was made by Shelly Frendenberg of Eugene, Ore. It is hand-built stoneware with layered gloss and textural glazes.

HFrom the artist: "As I was working on this piece, I noticed the scraps of shrapnel and shards carved off another piece I had been working on laying on the studio table beside me. I wondered if I could incorporate the discarded bits into something that spoke to their beauty without changing the truth of what they were...remains. The result is a vessel that moves in and out of rhythm and destruction. The glazes are at once a disconnect and an interplay of coolness and warmth. The warm amber tones were achieved by adding sand that was collected from Whychus Creek in Sisters Oregon to the glaze.  The sand completely melted and incorporated into the glaze."

Dimensions: H 7" x W 7.5" (Measurements are approximate and taken at widest points.)