Lyle Poulin - Chef's Knife


This knife was hand forged in Portland Oregon by master blacksmith Lyle Poulin. It features a san mai blade, mokume-gane saya and pins, and burnt walnut handle and bolster. 

San mai is a technique that involves fusing two different types of metal together in a "sandwich", in this case the center bing a high-carbon steel and the outside pieces stainless steel. The high-carbon steel gives the core strength and the ability to keep a sharp edge, while the stainless steel gives the blade flexibility and is more resistant to corrosion. 

Mokume- gane ("wood grain metal" in Japanese) involves combining different non-ferrous metals by heating and folding them over on themselves over and over until the desired wood grain pattern is achieved. 

Knife specs:

- Forged san mai blade using stainless steel and 52100 steel core

- Bolster made with nickel silver and silicon bronze mokume-gane

- Handle made out of burnt walnut

- Burnt wanut saya with mokume-gane pin

- Blade L: 12.5 x W:2.75

- Handle L: 7 x W 1.5