Felicia Murray and Anne Williams - Tide Pool Cabriolet


"This functional art piece is a collaboration between fiber artist Felicia Murray and fine upholsterer Anne Williams of ADF Upholstery. Through Anne’s use of vintage materials and Felicia’s experimentation with felting and natural dyes, they were able to generate a unique preservation and transformation of a traditional Belgian Cabriolet chair from the early 1900s. The chair takes on a new life as tactile pillows stack on the seat of the chair and felted corals emerge from the back. The materials used portray natural colors as they are dyed with seaweed from the Oregon coast and foraged plants." - Felicia Murray and Anne Williams

Materials on back of chair: Wool, silk, and linen dyed with seaweed and foraged plants.

Materials on inside back: Cotton, vintage smock, vintage trim and button made of natural dye materials provided by Felicia.

Materials on seat: Sprung seat, jute webbing and tacks. Natural cotton and feathers as batting. Vintage linen smock, stripe cotton ticking and linen fabric for the seat layer.

Height of seat: 23"

Height of back: 36"