Edna Madera - Gem Necklace (Aquamarine)


One-of-a-kind Gem Necklace with geometric shaped aquamarine in 18 karat yellow gold bezel, back with 18 karat palladium white gold, accented with 24k feather detail and diamond. Finished with 18 karat yellow gold cable chain accented with beaded accents and hook/eye clasp.

Like an accumulation of pencil marks illustrates a picture, wisps of 24 karat gold threads are drawn over silver, one strand at a time to convey lightness and weightlessness. The feeling of floating and defying gravity is symbolized by the feather. An unburdening.

Materials - 24k, 18k, aquamarine, diamond.

Dimensions -

Pendant: 19mm L x 10mm W x 5mm D (3/4" L x 1/4" Wx 3/16" D) Length: 18" x 1mm thick
Gem in bezel dimensions: 16mm L x 10mm W