Shelly Fredenberg - Body as Vessel I


This beautiful vessel was made by ceramicist and sculptor Shelly Fredenberg of Eugene, Ore. Shelly's work is a tribute to the natural world, its processes and possibilities, as well as its impossibilities.  

This unique piece was hand-built using a combination of porcelain and stoneware. It was fired in an anagama kiln, or "cave kiln," in Willamina, Ore. This type of kiln is fueled with firewood and requires continuous feeding and stoking, for a period of several days. 

The wood produces ash and volatile salts which settle onto the pieces during firing, and this process forms a natural ash glaze. The appearance of the glaze is dramatically affected by the piece's location in the kiln, which can lead to exciting and often unpredictable results.

Dimensions: W 12" x H 9.5" (Measurements are approximate and taken at the widest points).