DitL Presents: Lyle Poulin

In Portland's southeast quadrant, right on Hawthorne Ave.---bustling with fashion boutiques, bike shops, and movie theaters---there is an unassuming building with an unusual tenant. And if it weren't for a small sign in the window; the muted primal growls of machines driving behind the walls; and the dull sound of metal striking metal, you might now know anything was there.

Lyle Poulin owner of Hand Forge

After dipping into a small garage directly off the street, and sliding past a parked Toyota, you step across the threshold of a very small doorway. So small in fact, you have to duck as to not hit your head; but once inside, the unassuming storefront opens up into a cavernous workspace nearly the size of the whole block, hidden from the rest of the street, where metal dreams are made. 

Lyle sketching out the design for the walnut Chef's Knife handle

 Lyle Poulin is a brilliant and creative blacksmith and artist, whose work ranges from elegant production work to truly fine art. We are proud to represent Lyle's work, including fine "mokume gane" rings (which could be an entire post unto themselves) and tools, and a stunning hand-forged knife and sheath made entirely by Lyle. Click here to see our available collection from Lyle.

We were lucky enough to be invited into Lyle's studio to film the creation of that knife over the course of several months. Please enjoy the results, below, created by our DitL Artistic Director, Will Corwin.

DitL Presents: Lyle Poulin